TestDaf Musterprufung 4

چاپ A+
کتاب تست داف 4 اثر جمعی از نویسندگان
امتیازدهی 0 از 5 در 1 امتیازدهی مشتری
شناسه محصول: ZM-1629

قیمت: ۴۵,۰۰۰ تومان

از شما بابت همکاری متشکریم. آیا از قیمت های ما رضایت دارید؟
خرید محصول

Requirements: advanced level (C1), or at least upper-intermedate (B2).

Target group: students wishing to study at a German university and requiring the TestDaF exam in order to do so

Study target: familiarising students with the examination

Concept: Official set of papers from the TestDaF-Institute in the new format and original layout. Both book and Audio-CD are available as a package. Tapescripts and solutions can be found in an appendix making this model exam suitable for self-study.

Information on the most important exams of German as a foreign language and an overview are available on our Website at http://www.hueber.de/daf/pruefungen (in German).


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CD و DVD همراه


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قطع (اندازه)

رحلی (21cm*29cm)

نوع جلد

Paperbacke (شومیز یا نرم)



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