Summit Book Series Thirid Edition

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از شما بابت همکاری متشکریم... آیا از قیمت های ما رضایت دارید؟
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Summit Book Series Thirid Edition

Discover the new editon

  • All new design, updated content
  • Conversation Activator videos build communicative competence
  • Discussion Activator videos increase quality and quantity of expression
  • Test-taking Skills Booster (and extra challenge exercises) help students succeed in the reading and listening sections of standardized tests
  • Greatly increased grammar, reading, listening, and writing practice
  • Extra digital grammar exercises

The communicative course for upper intermediate to advanced students

Summit 3rd Edition is the new edition of the two-level, high-intermediate to advanced communicative course. It develops confident, culturally-aware English speakers who are able to navigate the social, travel, and professional situations they will encounter as they use English in their lives.

Summit can follow the intermediate level of any communicative series, including the four-level Top Notch course.


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